PM Shehbaz Sharif has approved the National Sports Policy 2022-27.

ISLAMABAD:1 ARIL 2023(NEWS LEAKS) Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif has approved the National Sports Policy 2022-27 through a notification Friday in an effort to stage renaissance of sports in the country and to restore past glory through the engagement of youth at grassroots level.
Minister of Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC) Ehsanur Rehman Mazari and his team headed by secretary IPC Ahmad Hanif Orakzai over the months have made special efforts to improve the exciting document by making it more practical and result producing, ensuring that every stakeholder plays his part in improving the overall standard of sports nationally and internationally.
The Policy available exclusively to The News, aims at active engagement of youth in sports and healthy activities at all levels to control extremism, and drug abuse.
The approval of Sports Policy is an effort to make Pakistan a sports loving country by harnessing the power of sports to inspire positive social change. promoting the values of tolerance and fair play and creating inter provincial harmony
The salient features of the Sports Policy 2022-27 are- To develop and promote sports in Pakistan by encouraging sportspersons, organizing sports tournaments, provide coaching, and improve, sports facilities and all levels, in order to achieve excellence in sports at regional and global levels.
-Effectively regulate sports bodies, federations, clubs and teams through transparent and streamlined governance so as to depoliticize sports administration and selection.
-To create greater functional accountability and coordination amongst all provincial and regional stakeholders/interested parties.
-Restructure sports governance system in the country.
-Foster sports culture in the country.
-Promote sports at the grassroots level with special focus on less developed areas.
-Prepare players for better performance in national and international competitions.
–Promote sports tourism.
–To organise international sports events in Pakistan.
–Organize Sports Leagues in different sports disciplines with collaboration of the private sector.
-Sport Diplomacy through strengthening international collaboration.

After a critical appraisal of the existing legal framework and National Sports Policy 2005. National Sports Policy 2022.2027 has been deemed under the Constitution and Sports (Development and Control) Ordinance 1962 Furthermore, the new Constitution of PSB has been promulgated and notified in January, 2022 for better sports governance system in the country.
Approval of the Federal Sports Coordination Committee has also been given.

5.2. Role of Federal Sports Coordination Committee (FSCC):
The Federal Sports Coordination Committee (FSCC) will facilitate and coordinate promotion of sports through proactive engagement of Provincial Governments and uniformity of policy for.-
a) Integration with education
b) Infrastructure development
c) Sports fund at provincial level
d) Conduct of Inter-provincial games
e) Any other task relating to sports

FSCC will compete of the following 1 Federal Minister dealing with sports (chairperson)
2 Federal Secretary dealing with sports – Member
3 Minister for sports all provinces including AJK, GB and DG PSB.

The Sports Policy 2022-27 draft also clarified the role of Pakistan Sports Board
The PSB Role will be
a) Promote. develop. supervise, regulate all forms of domestic and international sports excluding cricket
b) To affiliate National Sports Federations and sports bodies
c) To consider and recommend the affiliation of the National Sports Federations to respective International Governing Sports bodies
d) Facilitate NSFs in organization of national-level Youth, Junior, and Senior tournaments
e) To send a representative to observe the election process of POA
f) Provide technical, and where necessary, financial assistance to NSF’s
g) Develop sports infrastructure in Pakistan
h) Arrange and secure domestic and foreign training facilities and scholarships for players, umpires. coaches, support personnel and other officials
t) To promote and develop standards of national fitness as well as standards of competition, comparable to international standards

All provincial governments. Including Regions i.e. AJK, Gilgit-Baltistan should formulate their sports policies, based on the principles and guidelines outlined in this policy.
Each province. through its respective provincial sports board, will supervise the affairs of provincial sports associations. and will allocate a reasonable/appropriate sports budget for sports related activities.
Provinces will ensure to make their Sports Offices at Tehsil, District and Divisional levels to implement sports policy in letter and spirit
b) Provincial Sports Boards
In addition to the tasks & ready being performed, the Provincial Sports Boards may undertake the following tasks to assist in implementation of Sports Policy:
I) The Provincial Governments will ensure filling up of vacant District and Tehsil Sports Offices, on merit. with requisite staff to implement their Sports Policy as early as possible.
II) ii) Provincial Sports Board will recognize and affiliate the Provincial Sports Associations of the respective games and will facilitate them in organization of Provincial level tournaments, training camps and provide necessary annual funds to them.
III) iii) They shall also maintain complete record of the constituent units at the District and Divisional levels. Provincial Governments will also assist election Commission to conduct the elections.
IV) iv) Provincial Sports Board will issue directions to Tehsil and District Sports Officers to register Sports Clubs and District Sports

v) The Provincial Sports Boards will Issue instructions to District Sports Officers to cater in their budget, the annual and special grants for their registered clubs and Associations in consultation with the DC Office.
The role of District Associations in sports promotion has been, hitherto, neglected and they ought to be revived at grassroots levels
vi) The Provincial Sports Boards shall provide training to coaches by inviting international experts or by sending them abroad for coaching whenever needed.
Provincial Sports Board shall make efforts to educate the sportsmen about the negative effects of doping
viii) The Provincial Sports Board shall in the urban areas treat, inter alia, following disciplines of sports on pnonty basis.- • Hockey • Squash • Tennis • Football • Athletics
ix) The provincial sports board shall in the less developed areas focus on, inter alia, following disciplines of sports –
• Martial Arts • Bodybuilding • Boxing • Volleyball • Gymnastic • Weightlifting • Wrestling • Regional Sports like Kabaddi, etc.

The electoral college of the National Sports Federations (NSFs) will comprise of Provincial Associations and corresponding Associations of Islamabad, A-AK, and Gilgit Baltistan and Departments
b) Provincial Associations will be elected directly by District or Divisional Associations and the same shall be elected through the votes of the recognized clubs. Islamabad Association will be elected by the registered Clubs of different sectors.
C) District/Tehsil Associations will be elected by member clubs \
d) Every NSF will ensure transparency and accountability at the national level for the overall promotion and development of the sports for which it is granted recognition.
e) The Federal Government, wherever possible, will give grants to NSFs to facilitate them in holding of National training camps, provision of sports equipment and sending their selected teams abroad.
f) Federations should not depend solely on Government grants and must generate their own funds through sponsorship, CSR or marketing of sports events.
g) Federations should adhere to the conditions as per guidelines of the PSB. h) Federations should engage more women in sports.
i) NSFs shall hold their national championships on an annual basis and share their annual activities calendar with the PSB.
j) They shall maintain they financial record and hold an annual audit
k) The NSFs will have to evolve a mechanism to deal with cases of harassment
I) The NSFs will ensure control of doping at all levels and shall have a zero tolerance in respect thereof

According to the Policy, the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) shall be a non-profit making corporate body registered under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 The POA shall integrate in its rules the principles of the Olympic Charter and uphold and operate on the principle of good governance.

As per the Olympic Charter, promotion and development of sports in general and the Olympic Movement is the responsibility of POA and it is also responsible to perform tasks assigned to NOC, as per the Olympic Charter.
The POA shall ensure the accreditation of sportspersons after proper scrutiny and approval by the Pakistan Sports Board and NOC from the relevant Ministries.
The POA shall officially represent Pakistan and uphold the national flag at international meetings only if the same is recognized by the Government of Pakistan as National Olympic Committee.
The POA shall encourage the participation of Pakistani athletes in the Olympic Games and in any Regional or International Sports Competitions having the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. The POA shall be compliant with the laws of the land and shall cooperate with governmental bodies with which they shall achieve harmonious relations for the promotion of sports.

In Sports Policy 2022-27, there is no restrictions of tenure for POA as it comes directly under the IOC, the restriction for sports federations is there;

President, Honorary Secretary and the Treasurer of federations will be allowed a maximum of two tenures, in any office of the Federation or Association, after which they will become ineligible for holding the same posts of that particular Federation or Association.
However, they will be allowed to contest for next higher Post/Association at any time tenure restrictions will not be applicable on the office-bearers of the Federations holding posts of President or Secretary of World/Asian Federation -An office bearer of one Federation or Association, except the representatives of departments, will not be allowed to be a member of any other Federation or Association within the country. He will, however, be allowed to hold office In international Federations or Associations without any bar
d) The tendency of creating parallel federations is to be done away with altogether

  1. Constitution of Election Commission
    One of the salient features of the Regulatory Framework for NSFs is to ensure fair and transparent elections of the NSFs as per their constitution under National Sports Policy 2022-2027.
    Since the present scheme of conducting elections In NSFs has failed to ensure transparency, it has, therefore, been decided to appoint an independent Election Commission which will be responsible for holding and monitoring free and transparent elections of all National Sports Federations.
    The terms and conditions for the office of Election Commissioner shall be determined by the Pakistan Sports Board.
    However, its independence and impartiality shall not be compromised
  2. Dispute Resolution Mechanism
    In order to redress grievances related to Sports matters, Pakistan Sports Board shall appoint a panel of Adjudicators for a period of two years extendable with mutual consent of the parties.
    The panel of Adjudicators may consist of eminent sportspersons including reputable persons from civil society having legal expertiseNational Sports Policy, 2022-2027
    background of civil service and shall be assisted by the Legal Advisor of the Board. Appeal against the decision of the adjudicator shall be heard by the Board

For this purpose. promotion of Sports at all level be encouraged.

The Policy also stressed the development of women and transgender sports:
The most neglected areas in the field of sports require the most urgent attention. At present, one of these areas is women and transgender sports participation in sports is largely male-dominated and there a need to take steps to encourage young women and transgender to take up sports from the school level onwards.
Women Wings may be created in Federations/Associations, headed by an elected Secretary.
Similarly. Special Olympics and Paralympics remain largely ignored, while globally they are considered an integral aspect of the Olympic Games.
All provincial sports boards should create separate training programs and coaching for special persons, and also organize sporting competitions among public and private organizations engaged in catering to and working for specially-abled persons
-Traditional sports are important pillars of our regional culture and must be preserved. The Sports Policy 2022-2027 accords high importance to these traditional sports. The Government must provide a playing field for the traditional sport which is most popular in that area.

The country is geographically and ethnically diverse, and has a number of historical and cultural heritage sites. The highest mountains, such as K2. are located in Pakistan. In fact, five of the top fourteen peaks (eight thousands meters) are located in Pakistan. The beauty of Northern Areas is unmatched and attracts domestic and International tourism Sports tourism can be augmented through the promotion of cycling. mountaineering, adventure water and winter sports. v
-The newest form of sports, which Is gradually gaining prominence is electronic sports or E-sports. Globally, these sports are financially very lucrative and may attract a lot of young talent from Pakistan In addition, the low cost of investment in infrastructure and training makes the development of E-sports very cost-effective and convenient National Sports Policy 2022-2027 will therefore, make efforts to promote E-Sports in collaboration with other Government Agencies like Ministry of Science and Technology etc.
-Establishment of National Sports University
Pakistan is also on cards

The Federal Government will continue to allocate funds for sports infrastructure development besides up-gradation of existing setup under Pakistan Sports Board.
In the wake of the Constitutional Amendment. provinces are responsible for sports infrastructure development in their respective jurisdictions besides supporting Associations.
A National Sports Council (NSC) is also constituted to ensure coordination with all relevant stakeholders in this regard.

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